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Peter Parka | Five Acts Pt. 1: Gorgeous

by Peter Parka



Peter Parka - Gorgeous
Written and Performed by Peter Parka

Produced by Peter Parka and Andrew Wright

Additional Vocals by Labre Tyler, Eddie Whitfield

Guitar by Brain Pacheco

Piano by Peter Parka, Ori Shlezinger

Vocal Scratches by DJ Crazz

Recorded by:
Andrew Wright, Stadium Red Studios, NY
Joe Gallagher, Milkboy Studio, PA

Mixed by Andrew Wright, Stadium Red Studios

Mastered by Chris Athens for Chris Athens Masters



Verse 1
Feeling Gorgeous, we so enormous
This type of talk only reserved for the bosses
Foreign cars parked out in front of the fortress
Champagne imports its, really
Minuscule, I pity the fool
You dealing with bigger dudes
Bigger the dues, you rude
Handing me dollar bills like it’s cool
I damn near lost it
You paying a car note, really
I feel insulted, you should all just
Take the beautiful death
Delusion, I guess
The grandeur
Little too much for them to stand for
All gold everything nigga, nigga
Dubai, the alibi nigga you ask why
I tell them guys
You ask, why
NIgga go ask God, you asswipe
That simple, pull off (whew)
They looking suspenseful
Clear waters from out the view of the window
Sipping sake, Imported tempura
Hope I offend you nigga

Plenty green, we living the dream
But it aint what it seem (We, we outta here baby)
Living Kings, with plenty of Queens
But it aint what it seem (We, we outta here baby)
At the top, we feeling supreme
But it aint what it seem (We, we outta here baby)
Nigga uh
Can’t say that we aint Gorgeous (No No)
You can’t say that we aint Gorgeous (No No)
Can’t say that we aint Gorgeous (No No)
You can’t say that we aint Gorgeous (No)


Verse 2
Silk shirts on my chest showing what a flirt
What is your purp, on this planet Earth
No fighting words Godd*mn it
Just expand the worth
Nigga with the old school flow
In the two door, you know
Sh*tting on the competition, easy
You need me more than I need you
You see these niggas
Move the fork through the Ziti
I can’t believe these niggas
(I’m the prettiest contender)
Archimedes ventures
Plotting math, expenditures
Sit on the grass, watching models giving the enema
In a three way, my blend tape plays
I-pod on shuffle, you just admire the hustle
Shea butter the face and don’t I just look comfortable
Accented with glaze
Bitch get out of my way
I’m just not into your face
Say I think that I’m perfect
What you meaning I think
Shine illustrious, follow me to the grave (echo)

Nigga we Gorgeous
Nigga we Gorgeous, Lord
Nigga we Gorgeous




released July 21, 2014



all rights reserved


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